[Video] Making of and Interview for Humanoids

From Y-Star

From EdailyTVPD

(up to 3:50)

Source: Y-Star, EdailyTVPD


[Official Update] Tohoshinki Releases Catch Me -If you wanna- (Short Ver.) and I Know MVs

They uploaded the MVs in high quality! Click to watch Tohoshinki in all their handsome glory XD

Catch Me -If you wanna- (Short Ver)

I Know (Full MV)

Source AVEXnetwork

[Picture Post] TVXQ Featured on Day In Photos by VOA

On 29th November, 2009, VOA features a picture of TVXQ performing Humanoids
on the Kpop Festival in Vietnam as one of their “Day in Photos”.
The photo was taken by Reuters.


The caption for the photo says

Yunho (L) and Changmin of South Korean boy band TVXQ
perform at a Kpop festival in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Seventeen South Korean music bands gathered in Hanoi Thursday
as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of the establishment
of Vietnamese-South Korean diplomatic relations (Reuters)

Source Day in Photos – VOA (Reuters)
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[Support TVXQ] Comeback Support Report

For TVXQ!’s comeback stage at Music Bank on October 5th,
Project Team 6th sent a support package of food, fruit, and of course,
TVXQ’s new family member “Catch Me”!

Note: Project Team 6th is a collaboration of many TVXQ fansites,
you can see the messages at the bottom!

Below is their report.

Source Project Team 6th

[Picture Post] Compilation from Staff Diary 121007-121008

SMtown posts pictures of TVXQ! from October 7th and 8th,
featuring TVXQ with other SMtowners who came to show their support,
PLUS celebration cakes from TVXQ! member fansites!!!

With EXO-K, nailing the Hulk Arm and posing with Catch Me album!

With TaeTiSeo, a Twinke version of the Dragon Arm? Hehehehe

With TVXQ Dancers! Fighting!!!

Shinee’s Key and Jonghyun + F(x)’s Victoria and Amber also showed their support~~~
Note: Amber wearing Yunho’s outfit? It fits nicely XD

Posing with cakes from MaxNation and Wish! Looks delicious~~!

Last but not least, posing with Music Core’s MC’s FT Island!

Source TVXQ Staff Diary 2012.10.07 and 2012.10.08

[Official Update] Introducing New Family Member: Catch Me

Hello 🙂
This is TVXQ’s representative

Today! But before that, yesterday..^^;
Thank you to everyone who cheered a lot for Catch Me’s first broadcast,
even though it was a weekday, many fans came to cheer, so thank you.

Today is MBC Music Core!
Music Core pre- recording and after-recording will be held
It seems hard to attend recording everyday but
please keep cheering TVXQ activities and loving TVXQ!

Today and tomorrow too ~~~ together with TVXQ!
Don’t forget keep enjoying!!

And this is TVXQ’s new family
Please meet ‘Catch Me’ ^-^
“Catch Me” is a gift from TVXQ6th for TVXQ!
What a great idea to give a dog doll!
Translated by TVXQhub