[Picture Post] Naver Star Column 20121207

In this week’s Star Column titled “We Are SMtown Family”, TVXQ shares many pictures from behind the scenes of SMtown Live! Including a cute picture of Changmin sleeping while the others take a picture, hehehehe… So much love!

Celebrating Kangta’s Birthday in Singapore!

Star Column_5_1

More behind the scenes from Singapore.

Star Column_5_2

Star Column_5_3

Star Column_5_4

We are ~~~ T!

Star Column_5_5

Yunho with Kangta, Kangin and Yesung on the plane to Bangkok for SMtown Live!

Star Column_5_6

Hmmmm, I wonder what they’re discussing, looks so serious!

Star Column_5_7

Airport insanity!

Star Column_5_8

Looks like Yunho can’t resist teasing a sleeping Changmin~~~

Star Column_5_9

F(x) joins in teasing the unsuspecting Changmin XDDD

Star Column_5_10

Getting ready to perform!

Star Column_5_11

Changmin with Kyuhyun and Minho… Kyuline before the stage for “Just The Way You Are”

Star Column_5_12

TVXQ Victory Pose~~! ^^v

Star Column_5_13

And a message from Yunho~~

Star Column_5_14

Source NAVER Star Column


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