[Picture Post] TVXQ Featured on Day In Photos by VOA

On 29th November, 2009, VOA features a picture of TVXQ performing Humanoids
on the Kpop Festival in Vietnam as one of their “Day in Photos”.
The photo was taken by Reuters.


The caption for the photo says

Yunho (L) and Changmin of South Korean boy band TVXQ
perform at a Kpop festival in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Seventeen South Korean music bands gathered in Hanoi Thursday
as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of the establishment
of Vietnamese-South Korean diplomatic relations (Reuters)

Source Day in Photos – VOA (Reuters)
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[Picture Post] Naver Star Column 20121129

Another week, another post from TVXQ! at the Naver star column special. This week they share pictures from the making of  Humanoids MV and some cute backstage pictures from Catch Me promotions!!!

Full concentration but still all smiles, monitoring their performance to give the best work for fans.
This is how TVXQ’s MV is made ^^

The filming must be very tiring, but looks like TVXQ are having so much fun,
playing with their dancers, hehehehe…
It must make a great shooting to have such friendly atmosphere~~!

Taking a picture backstage! They both look so handsome, but Changmin looks slightly nervous?
But that’s okay, we knew they did great on every Catch Me stage ^^



Changmin with the guitar!!! Look so cool~~








Yunho getting ready for CosmoMen photoshoot…

Last picture, featuring a cute Changmin!!!
Erm… what is he doing???

Source NAVER Star Column

[Official Update] TVXQ Releases Humanoids!

After one week of waiting, TVXQ finally releases Humanoids, their follow up song to Catch Me.

TVXQ looks so cool and handsome in the MV!!! Such a great day for all of us

Don’t forget to support TVXQ by downloading their song legally!!!

Click here for their Soribada music store!

While you listen to their song, enjoy these fabulous pictures from their official site!!!

Source SM Entertainment

[Picture Post] Naver Star Column 20121122

With the cute boy from one of Catch Me Concert VTR!!!
They also showed this picture on the 2nd day of concert.
Yunho started his comment with “That’s my son” XDDDDDD

With the cute girl portraying the elementary school fan TVXQ really wants to have, hahahah
She gets to marry them both in the VTR!!!

Practicing hard and preparing for the concert. Who is the person directing them?
It definitely looks like @Famous_Jae!

Styling and Wardrobe, final preparations to go on stage!

Looking mighty fine for the Press Conference!

With Donghae and EXO, SMTown Family support!!!

Last but definitely not the least, The fans!!!

Source NAVER Star Column