[Picture Post] Naver Star Column 20121129

Another week, another post from TVXQ! at the Naver star column special. This week they share pictures from the making of  Humanoids MV and some cute backstage pictures from Catch Me promotions!!!

Full concentration but still all smiles, monitoring their performance to give the best work for fans.
This is how TVXQ’s MV is made ^^

The filming must be very tiring, but looks like TVXQ are having so much fun,
playing with their dancers, hehehehe…
It must make a great shooting to have such friendly atmosphere~~!

Taking a picture backstage! They both look so handsome, but Changmin looks slightly nervous?
But that’s okay, we knew they did great on every Catch Me stage ^^



Changmin with the guitar!!! Look so cool~~








Yunho getting ready for CosmoMen photoshoot…

Last picture, featuring a cute Changmin!!!
Erm… what is he doing???

Source NAVER Star Column


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