[From Star] TVXQ Leaves a Message About God of Victory!

[東方神起] Hello~ this is TVXQ!

[From. U-Know]

Today, many fans came, I’m very grateful and touched~ It was very encouraging.
After a long time, it was great to spend time with fans again,
let’s keep this mood going!

[From. MAX]

God of Victory
Definitely bring good spirits! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

It’s so good to see TVXQ having so much fun!

Did you guys see the pictures from the recording posted by news sites?
It looks like it would be a very funny show~~

The show is scheduled to air during the first week of October…
Definitely can’t wait to see the broadcast!

Source TVXQ official webpage
Translated by TVXQhub


[From Star] A New Message from TVXQ~!

Today a special message from TVXQ members Yunho and Changmin is posted on their official board~!

[東方神起] Hello, this is TVXQ!~^^

[From. U-Know]

After a long time, TVXQ will greet you through ‘God of Victory’ recording!
For today’s public recording, please come and cheer for us~~~~!

[From. MAX]

Everyone, it’s been a while.
I am happy we can meet through such a fun program~
We will work hard… so come have fun and cheer a lot for us^^

And today is the recording of God of Victory,
although we can’t go to Korea to cheer them in person,
let’s cheer them in our hearts and send them lots of love!
TVXQ fighting^^

Source TVXQ official webpage
Translated by TVXQhub