[Vid] Android PV (short ver)

2:55 taste of the latest dance tune from Tohoshinki, Android.


Pre-order the single if you haven’t done so.

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[Pics] TVXQ’s I AM Greeting Session

Today TVXQ came to Myeongdong to greet fans who comes and watch I Am!

It must have been so much fun to not just watch TVXQ on screen in I Am, but also to see them in person!!!

There’s even a surprise gift of signed card sets! Wow, lucky!!!

And after the event, TVXQ posed together for everyone! Cute boys ^^

Source I Am official twitter

[Interview] “What’s In” Magazine July 2012 Translation


Q. How did you feel before the TONE TOUR began?

CM: It’s been 3 years since we last had a tour. This was our first time to have a tour since we resumed. I had pressure but it was more like thrilling than being nervous. It felt even as performers, we enjoyed it.

Q. What kind of vision/success did you have beforehand?

YH: It’s been a while since we last had a tour so I wasn’t sure if people remembered TVXQ, & the people that just got to know TVXQ would come. I call it success when everyone wishes to come see the concert again. To be honest, it sometimes was hard to perform vigorously with stamina. At those times, I felt stressful about it. Since our tour ended successfully, I think that both our talent and energy leveled up. I also was pleased that we were able to communicate well w/the audience.

I surely think that as an artist, our performance should be cool. After all, it’s important to convey our message from our hearts to the audiences’ hearts. I had pressures but enjoyed it. From our songs, we could communicate & I felt that the audience empathized with us. I’m really happy to hear that TVXQ’s concert was fun for them! Actually, we got more positive feedback than we expected. Of course, I enjoyed each moment, but as we increased the quality higher, nearly close to perfect, the reaction of the audience changed especially from the middle of the tour & everyone got more excited. At that time I think TVXQ staff members and dancers came together as one, which I think created more energy.

Q. How about the meeting after each concert?

YH: After the rehearsals, we made sure things were ok. We communicated with each other so much, that’s why on the last day of the tour, all the staff members cried. When I saw the staging director crying, I really felt that we truly did great. Even as time goes by, I will never forget about this tour.

Q. Tell us about your birthdays celebrated while on tour.

YH: It was my first time that I had a surprise on stage! I was truly happy. I had experienced a surprise birthday party before but this time, during the concert, the fans sang happy birthday to me. It was fantastic and was my first time to experience such a thing.

CM: I had delicious rice the day before my birthday & I was hyper! Also, in Fukuoka the staff members gave me a guitar as a birthday gift. I have been learning from the guitarist of the tour band, so I got really excited. I’ve always been interested to learn how to play guitar, but I thought there was a limit if I studied by myself. Also, because of the schedule, I didn’t have the time to practice. But there was someone playing guitar right next to me during the tour so I had the opportunity to learn. I enjoyed learning. I left my guitar back Korea. I’m practicing it little by little. It’s very interesting!

YH: Changmin is so into it! I received a drum set as a gift but I have to set it up and hopefully I can try playing it when I go back to Korea.

Q. Tell us about your Solos.

YH: The staff members suggested to us to do it and told us to think about it. I didn’t know what to do at the moment but I figured that the image of me was WILD so I thought I should show the sexy side of me, since the wild side was shown in “Why?”(Keep Your Head Down). That is why I chose “Honey Funny Bunny”.

CM: I enjoyed performing my Solo. When I saw X-JAPAN’s “Rusty Nail”, at a-Nation last year, I told my manager that if I had to do a solo in the tour, I wanted to do that song.

YH: When JPOP got so popular in Korea in the past, most the songs were ballads like “Yuki no Hana” by Mika Nakashima, but as TVXQ got active in Japan, we got to know many different types of JPOP. JPOP is great!

Q. Tell us about the public-viewing of TONE that you held for the earthquake stricken area.

CM: On that day I performed as usual. But I thought about the audience in the concert hall and the people who were watching us on screen, live. They were in different places throughout the region, I enjoyed the time we spent together and also we got feedback like “You cheered us up! Thank u so much :)” It was a honor to hear that we energized others. As an artist, I think it is important to move others’ hearts.

Q. On March 2011, Japan had a crisis…

YH: We were scheduled to do a concert in Thailand but it was all canceled. I was very worried to hear about Japan, as we were active in Japan for a long time and received lots of love in Japan. I was praying for people to be safe, and get better. I’m so glad we were able to have a public-viewing performance in Fukushima. I’m really happy to hear comments like “We received a lot courage from TVXQ! When I grow up, I want to become like them!” from a boy (who wrote a comment on the Internet).

Q. How difficult was the tour schedule?

CM: I calculated that we worked for 4 months without a day off. We continuously performed so it was hard for us.

YH: It was even harder for Changmin, since he was shooting a film during the tour. While we were on tour, I had to shoot for a drama and it was so hard so I know how it feels but because of that, you could feel more happiness. You realize how you can really mature through it all.

CM: We started our rehearsals towards the end of last year. There were many events occurring during that time. Such as special programs and events for TV stations. It was tough on us.

Q. What helped you through it?

CM: I strongly had a feeling of doing it no matter what. Of course it was hard but I thought even if it’s hard considering the schedule, I should try my best. We are the ones who are going to be on the stage performing. I knew that if I didn’t try my best, I would definitely regret it afterwards. If something like this happens, then I would’ve had to keep on doing concerts with stress.

Q. What determined the MC section?

YH: General MC dialog was decided upon. We felt good about doing AD-Lib MC too. As we spoke more and more, the time got longer and I noticed that we were doing MC for 30 min! During that time, I always had to be the loser so this was a hard thing for me.

Q. What about the Sugi-chan Gag?

YH: our manager told us that there was a funny guy and I watched the video of him and he was actually funny so I wanted to do it. I tried it once and the reaction was really good so I got pressured. Sugi-chan was popular before but he is more popular now! I want to do something with him.

Q. How about Changmin and Beer? (referring to Changmin’s narratives on him drinking beer).

CM: Before the tour started, it had been a while since we had a concerts so I wanted to keep myself in a good condition so I made up my mind that I was not going to drink beer. I tried to keep my promise but as we went to different places, we ate many delicious food. So, I wanted to drink beer.

YH: You held out till Fukuoka!

CM: The rice in Niigata was delicious! I think we were able to end our tour successfully because of beer 😀

Q. Beer after concert?

CM: Drinking beer before the concert was great as well 😛

Q. How was it to be back in the Tokyo Dome?

YH: I have a special feeling towards the Tokyo Dome. When two of us were on the Dome’s stage, many memories came up to our minds. Because of our fans, we were able to continue as TVXQ. I think it was our turning point.

CM: It’s been 3 years since we had a Tohoshinki Concert at the Tokyo Dome. It was so meaningful and I want to have many concerts in many countries and I felt that we HAD to do well.

Q. What about the tears?

YH: Eh? (pretends that he didn’t hear the question) To be honest, I was so moved by the white ocean. During the song “STILL” I was thinking about the past and the time when we were not active but fans didn’t forget us and continued supported us as always. As an artist, I had to hold back my tears and normally I’m the one who never cries but the song “Weep” came afterwards, which linked to what I was feeling. I felt happy after we finished singing and during the MC, tears were automatically filling my eyes. I was so surprised that happened to me because in the past, even though we received industry awards, I never cried. Since I thought we still had a long way to go. I really felt that I was singing in such a meaningful place. I said many times in the past that I was happy to be on stage but I really truly felt it. Even as time pases, I will never forget this concert.


YH: It was also your concert Changmin!

Source WHAT’s IN July 2012
Translated by @yukihippiehappy

[Official Update] Tohoshinki Reveals 「Android」’s Jacket Cover

After weeks of waiting which leads to dozens of creative fanmade jacket covers, Tohoshinki finally released the official jacket cover for their upcoming single, 「Android」, through their official website.

Aside from the jacket, a short preview of the song was also released through the BigEast site which features a cool 「Android」 banner.

The single, set to be released on July 11th, is an upbeat song fitting for the summer season. Aside from 「Android」, the single will also feature a song called 「Blink」. It has also been announced that Tohoshinki will appear on Music Japan on July 9th.

So, what do you think of the jacket cover? Is it what you expected, or much more than that?

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YesAsia: Limited Edition (with DVD) ‖ Regular Edition

[Video] TONE Tour Live DVD CM

CM for TONE Tour Live DVD

Who isn’t excited for this DVD? If you haven’t preordered, preorder one now. It’s worth every penny. ^^

Preorder at:

YesAsia: Limited Edition, Normal Edition, Blu-ray

CDJapan: Limited Edition, Normal Edition, Blu-ray

HMV: Limited Edition, Normal Edition, Blu-ray

AmazonJP: Limited Edition, Normal Edition, Blu-ray

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[Video] TONE TOUR Broadcast

EDIT: Added more videos!!!!

Videos from the TONE Tour Broadcast at Fuji Next TV.

Toki Wo Tomete

I Think U Know

Break Out

STILL (watch how the red ocean turn into a beautiful white ocean!!!)

If you hadn’t order the TONE TOUR DVD, please do so! You won’t regret it!!!

Source: TONE Tour Broadcast
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[Random] Changmin Made Satoshi Kuroda Jealous?

Niiyama Chiharu, a Japanese actress and Changmin fan, confessed that she sticks Changmin’s photo ON THE BOTTOM OF WASTE BASKET to motivate her to do the chore of emptying it everyday ^▽^ HIDOI!!! ^▽^▽^▽^ But it steams from LOVE~~~~ gyahaha huuu…

Then her husband (a baseball player, Satoshi Kuroda) found out about it and be extremely jealous, that he wanted to erase Chiharu’s Changmin tv appearance recording collection ^▽^

Chiharu-san, mentioned Changmin’s names multiple times~~ Glad only to hear Changmin’s names!!

This is a very cute story, especially when Chiharu-san impersonate her husband talking about Changmin. Glad to know that even an actress like Chiharu-san has a collection of Changmin’s TV appearance, heheheheh…  Thank you to T-Hikari for sharing ~ ^^!

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[Pic] TVXQ During Rehearsals

TVXQ (in shorts!) are rehearsing Rising Sun for tomorrow’s SMT III in Taiwan!

(click for larger image)

Source: @simzang218 and @besangyh