[Picture Post] Naver Star Column 20121203

The fourth edition of Naver Star Column is the Memories edition,
where TVXQ “time-travels” to the past through pictures of their childhood
(and early years of TVXQ).

Join the boys in looking back on their lives and just how cute they were! heheheheh

 First are pictures of Yunho! There is a picture of him during a class picnic, and a picture of him showing off his taekwondo kick~~ Already so active from such a young age, ^^

Naver Star Column4_01Naver Star Column4_02Naver Star Column4_03

Next is Changmin, with his signature ^^V pose while riding a toy car!
Also pictures of him with his younger sisters during a family vacation… How adorable XD

Naver Star Column4_04Naver Star Column4_06Naver Star Column4_05

 Yunho and Changmin during their debut days…
Their faces haven’t changed that much, have they?

Naver Star Column4_07Naver Star Column4_08

Yunho in his cutesy Balloon costume… Hard to believe he was 21 when this was filmed!

Naver Star Column4_09

Changmin and Yunho… Yunho looks a bit tired but Changmin is smiling brightly.
Looking very handsome with glasses~~~

Naver Star Column4_10

TVXQ during their Humanoids promotions…
Still the same boys, but more refined and cool… Handsome!

Naver Star Column4_11

 Source NAVER Star Column


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