[Support TVXQ] Comeback Support Report

For TVXQ!’s comeback stage at Music Bank on October 5th,
Project Team 6th sent a support package of food, fruit, and of course,
TVXQ’s new family member “Catch Me”!

Note: Project Team 6th is a collaboration of many TVXQ fansites,
you can see the messages at the bottom!

Below is their report.

Source Project Team 6th


[Featured Post] Befriend Project – Digital Streamers for TVXQ!

Do you have an internet connection?

Are you passionate about TVXQ?

Do you want to help TVXQ by streaming their songs?

Are you willing to spend some time each day for TVXQ?

If you answer YES, to all the question above, then this project is for you!

What is Befriend Project?

Befriend is a project set up by the project team to help international fans (non Korean)
who wants to support TVXQ by streaming digitally.

How can I sign up for the project?

Just send us an email through TVXQhub@gmail.com

Please be advised that we will carefully select and screen streamers.
We want people who are DEDICATED to the cause, and are SUPPORTERS of TVXQ!
Not everyone who signs up will be accepted.

So what are you waiting for? Send us an email now~~!

[Official Update] TVXQ in Red and Black!

Today, SMtown facebook and Kakaotalk updates a very cool picture of TVXQ with the newly released Catch Me album, along with a message from SMtown facebook staff ^^

TVXQ!’s new album ‘Catch Me’ is now available in stores!
Please listen to their new songs~! 🙂

Source SMtown facebook

[Support TVXQ] DVDHeaven Opens Order for “CATCH ME”

After the announcement of TVXQ’s 6th album, and the two teaser pictures released,
DVDheaven finally opens order for “CATCH ME”.

The album itself will be in two version, a Black version and a Red version,
however it is still unclear what will be the difference between the two.

DVD Heaven offers 3 different packaging for each version,
one with a poster in a tube, one with folded poster and another with no poster.

So what are you waiting for? Order your copy today!

Catch Me (Black ver.) + Poster in Tube

Catch Me (Black ver.) + Folded Poster

Catch Me (Black ver.) 


Catch Me (Red ver.) + Poster in Tube 

Catch Me (Red ver.) + Folded Poster

Catch Me (Red ver.)

Source DVDheaven


As announced today, TVXQ will be returning to
the Korean music scene with their 6th album “Catch Me”.

How can we help show our support for TVXQ? These are some ways to help!

Also, for international fans, it might be better to contact fellow fans in your area, or even a fansite/fan community nearby to bulk buy the album, because you can share the shipping cost.

Don’t forget to purchase the album legally, either digital or physical. Let’s say NO to illegal downloading!

Source TVXQ 6th Project Team