[Official Update] TVXQ’s Thank You Message For Inkigayo Recording

[Trans]121005 Korean Official Home From Star Update

[TVXQ!] Thank you~ everyone!

[From. U-Know]

Hello. This is UknowYunho.
It really helped us that a lot of fans came to the pre-recording of the 1st show for Inkigayo
and cheered together until the very end~^^*

I had wanted to say how thankful I was at the end to everyone who supported until very late,
but it felt like I just sent you away in a hurry without paying my respects,
and that lingered on my mind and made me write this.

Since we’re starting now, let’s make it great together until the end!!!^^

Thank you!!!!

[From. MAX]

Hello. This is Max Changmin!
Thank you so much for waiting until too late and cheering a lot yesterday~
I’m sorry I didn’t say thank you and bid good bye at the end……
I couldn’t even pay you the respects with everything going by so fast….

Did everyone go in safely???^__^

It’s a start now.

We’re really gonna try very hard so please support a lot!!!!!!!!!!


Translation by Fuzzybunny



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