[News] TVXQ, Complete Transformation to Fall Men… 50’s Classic Movie Concept

Asia Top Idol TVXQ (Uknow Yunho, Choikang Changmin) mood is transformed into men of Fall.

On the 20th, Cosmopolitan Fashion magazine reveals pictorial interview with TVXQ. Cosmo Men September set the concept for TVXQ cover as the decorated hero of a 1950 classic movie. The two men styled like James Dean with khaki, black and navy-colored jacket that goes great with the Fall season.

In the interview conducted with the pictorial, TVXQ also talked about the 10th anniversary of their debut.

Yunho said about his hope for the anniversary, “We want to do an event with the fans. Something that can be enjoyed together as well as introducing performances and live show.”

Recently in Japan, after releasing their new single, TVXQ set a legendary record of 3,100,000 copies sold with cumulative sales of their works.

Changmin said, “To be mentioned in the article along with other international artists feel very good.”

He continues, “Although we have broken the records, I don’t think we can easily be the counterpart. We will continue the update the record later, it would be nice to have the name TVXQ mentioned everytime another singer break a record.”

TVXQ’s pictorial and interview will be available in September issue of Cosmopolitan.

Source TVreport
Translated by TVXQhub


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