[Random] Changmin Made Satoshi Kuroda Jealous?

Niiyama Chiharu, a Japanese actress and Changmin fan, confessed that she sticks Changmin’s photo ON THE BOTTOM OF WASTE BASKET to motivate her to do the chore of emptying it everyday ^▽^ HIDOI!!! ^▽^▽^▽^ But it steams from LOVE~~~~ gyahaha huuu…

Then her husband (a baseball player, Satoshi Kuroda) found out about it and be extremely jealous, that he wanted to erase Chiharu’s Changmin tv appearance recording collection ^▽^

Chiharu-san, mentioned Changmin’s names multiple times~~ Glad only to hear Changmin’s names!!

This is a very cute story, especially when Chiharu-san impersonate her husband talking about Changmin. Glad to know that even an actress like Chiharu-san has a collection of Changmin’s TV appearance, heheheheh…  Thank you to T-Hikari for sharing ~ ^^!

Source: YukichiTVXQ
Shared by: T-Hikari

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2 comments on “[Random] Changmin Made Satoshi Kuroda Jealous?

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