[News] Yunho Praised BoA’s Strength

On June 5th, on KBS2TV’s ‘Win Win’ show, Yunho who appeared as a secret guest praised BoA highly.

At the time BoA and TVXQ went to Japan to spread Hallyu Wave, Kpop Craze was not as strong as it is today.

Yunho said “After TVXQ received the Grand Slam in Korea, a few days later we went to Japan and had a performance in front of 40 people in a small place” and “it was a little disappointing. But we (TVXQ) consoled that there were five members of TVXQ then,” he continued, “however, BoA was alone”, he praised her, adding “when we became over confident, BoA went further. Then we were encouraged by her.”

Meanwhile Yunho also shared, “In the past when I am going through a difficult time, I called BoA. To my surprise she would go straight to the point. She’s a friend like a mother or an older sister to me,” he said in gratitude.

Source: Newsen via Yahoo
Translated by: TVXQhub

*note: the following is the full comment from Yunho (the article was quoting him here and there).

After Grand Slam in Korea, the next day we had to perform in front of 40 people in Japan. Honestly if we could not switch on in that situation, it would have been disappointing. At that hard time we thought, at least we were 5; we have members so we could comfort each other. But BoA is alone and woman. And at that time she was very young, so she had no one to talk to, but she has achieved such great things.


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