[Staff Diary] 2012 DREAM CONCERT

Hello 🙂
This is TVXQ’s staff.

On Wednesday, KBS-2TV broadcasted the 2012 Dream Concert, did you guys get to watch it? ^-^

This past 12th May. during the 2012 Dream Concert held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, fans have sent passionate cheering to TVXQ.
Thank you very much. (^ ^) (_ _)

In particular, maybe at the stadium this wasn’t heard clearly, but Uknow Yunho’s “Cassiopeia!” was confirmed clearly in the broadcast.
Like fans, we were also very happy. ^^

 And maybe… after watching the broadcast  there would be fans who wonder the spot of 2012 Dream concert  so we open the photos of that day through the staff diary ~!^^

TVXQ’s waiting room!

After the red carpet, for all the fans, V ~! ^^V

Posing in front of the cue sheet with TVXQ as the ending is Max Changmin and before going on stage, checking his appearance, is Uknow Yunho!

TVXQ on the stage and fans is reflected on the screen! ~!^^

There were really a lot of fans who came together ~
Thank you once again.

In the future, we would ask for your unwavering love,
Bonus ~~~ One more picture before we go!! ^0^

Source  TVXQ Official Staff Diary
Translated by TVXQhub


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